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How Often Should I Get My Cooling System Serviced?

Most people are concerned about their cars' heating system in the cold winter months. But did you know that your car's cooling system is actually what keeps your engine from freezing during the winter as well as keeps it from overheating when it's warmer outside? Regulating the temperature of your engine is extremely important in…
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When, Why, and How to Replace Your Spark Plugs

Auto manufacturers recommend changing your spark plugs as a part of regular car maintenance, typically every 100,000 miles. Having working spark plugs is vital to keeping your engine running, as they continuously ignite the air-fuel mixture in your car's cylinders. That being said, it's important to change them when it's recommended by the car's manufacturer,…
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Why You Should Wash Your Car in the Winter

With the coming of the colder months and the first signs of freezing temperatures, going out to the driveway with a bucket and a hose to wash the car might not seem like an ideal use of time. Plus, once the weather gets colder and snowier, the car will just get covered with dirty snow…
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To Warm Up or Not To Warm Up?

Winter is coming. And with the coming of winter comes the age-old question... to warm up the car, or not to warm up the car? Nowadays with the push-to-start ignition, drivers don't even have to be in their cars to start it running and get the engine warm. It's one thing to get in the…
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