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To Warm Up or Not To Warm Up?

Winter is coming. And with the coming of winter comes the age-old question... to warm up the car, or not to warm up the car? Nowadays with the push-to-start ignition, drivers don't even have to be in their cars to start it running and get the engine warm. It's one thing to get in the…
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When to Call the Tow Truck

If your car is still driveable after getting in a wreck or when you're having roadside car trouble, it's natural to want to save money by driving the car to a repair shop rather than calling the tow truck. But are there times when calling a tow truck could actually save you money? An Expensive…
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How to Spot a Lemon

Buying a used car is typically an economical route when in need of a vehicle, but it can also be a huge gamble. How can you be sure that this car is going to be a good investment, and not eat a hole in your wallet fixing up pre-existing problems? Even after a test drive…
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6 Myths About Car Maintenance That You Should Stop Falling For

There's a lot involved with keeping a car well-maintained, and thus hopefully preventing expensive problems and breakdowns. Performing the recommended maintenance on vehicles should keep systems functioning optimally, conserving gas mileage and prolonging the life of the car. Maintenance done right should actually save money. However, there are a lot of myths out there about…
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